West Special Fasteners are specialist hot forgers of high nickel alloys and stainless steels. We currently have 4 hot forging presses. The presses utilise customised induction forging techniques to produce quality fasteners.

In our 28000 SQ FT Factory in Dronfield (near Sheffield) we employ 50 full time employees.

Our standard size range for forged fasteners is 1/4" to 2" for imperial fasteners and M5 to M52 for metric fasteners. Our range of CNC and manual machined fasteners is from 3/16" to 4" Dia for imperial fasteners and M3 to M100 for metric fasteners.

Standard Lengths for forged fasteners are 10mm to 500mm long under the head of the fastener dependant on the diameter.

To complement our hot forging facilities we have a wide variety of conventional lathes, automatic lathes, CNC lathes, hydraulic presses, thread rolling, drilling machines, milling machines, and VMC with 4th axis. This enables us to produce fasteners outside the standard range and length stated above.

Products can be identified with material grade, cast numbers and manufacturers initials by Multitronic Dot Marking or by conventional impact stamping when requested.

We can perform Positive Material Identification, PMI, in house using our XRF guns, and offer Fischer Ferrite Scope testing and Electrolytic weld cleaning.

PTFE, Xylan, Zinc and other coatings can be organized and we have vendors offering excellent world class facilities locally, to perform independently verified testing , Heat Treatment in API approved furnaces and high quality welding of exotic alloys.

Tooling for the mechanical presses is produced in-house. Chaser dies, taps, drills and other tools can all be reground, sharpened or modified in our factory.